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Nature's Nursery Onesie

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Woodland friends gather ‘round! It’s here, in Nature’s Nursery, where all of the little creatures come to listen to the stories the trees have to tell. Beige bunnies, orange foxes, spikey porcupines, slithery snakes, brown bears, hazel deer, mischievous raccoons, tan beavers, wise owls, wiry squirrels, peach chipmunks, grey mice, hoppy frogs, and clever wolves all come together in this earth-toned onesie. Trees, leaves, acorns, and sticks scattered about the forest floor complete this minimalistic design.

Composition: 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex

Premium Quality Fabric: This smooth material offers a gentle touch on your skin, providing a soft and comfortable feel.

Vivid and Rich Colors: Our high-quality printing process ensures striking colors, capturing even the smallest details.

Durable Metal Snaps: Four robust crotch snaps guarantee a secure and comfortable fit for the wearer.

Artist: Puppit